Stephan Tetreault

Freelance Graphic and Sign Designer

Stephan Tetreault, Freelance graphic and sign designer.

After graduating in the field of Graphic Design back in 1993, the computer era began to occupy more and more place. I was so stubborn, convinced that no computer would be able to replace the soul of an artist until I understood that a computer was only a remplacement for a pencil and a paper.

Three years later, I then discovered the signage industry and was completely left in awe! I learned from many talented artists and fabricators to perfect my own style as a sign designer.

Since 2008, I now offer my creative potential as a freelance designer by optimizing the visual communication effectiveness of my professionnal business partners. Collaborating with a freelance designer offers you many advantages without unnecessarily saturating your wage bill. You will then make the best advertizing placement there is.