Nicole Spears

ThemeWorks, Inc.
Office Manager

Who we are:

ThemeWorks creates experiences to amaze, inspire, educate and enlighten.  At ThemeWorks, we know that environment and visual impact is crucial to any one experience and we work tirelessly to create worlds that bring imagination to life and put creativity at the forefront.  From theme parks to museums and sports venues across the globe, our technicians and artists carefully craft the physical elements that bring stories to life and engage the human spirit.

Our Culture:

We are a diverse group, with stories and backgrounds as varied as our projects.  We share a passion for creating, for building, for thinking, for finding solutions.  We’re curious, hardworking and fun loving. We believe in the power of a team. 

We are motivated by the reaction of others to our finished work.  Seeing people smile, laugh or hug after experiencing one of our projects, reminds us that what we create remains an extension of our team identity and is a testament to our affection for our craft.

Our Work:

Since ThemeWorks was founded, we have sought out unique and challenging projects – from the world’s largest installation of a urethane rockwork system in a zoological facility to an interactive play structure inside of a forty-foot sculpture of a boy in a children’s museum. With each project, we’ve risen to and met the challenge through careful planning, creative solutions, and expert craftsmanship.  While our projects are complex, challenging and demanding, they create a sense of accomplishment and pride for all on our team.