Editorial Staff


Robin Donovan, Editor-in-Chief

Robin rejoined Signs of the Times in 2016 after serving as the editor-in-chief for Big Picture magazine and the managing editor of VMSD magazine. A Cleveland native, she lives and works in Portland, OR. Contact Robin at 513-263-9386 or at robin.donovan@stmediagroup.com

Jeff Russ, Senior Art Director

Jeff is the senior art director and author of the bimonthly column “Design Matters.” He has been with ST Media Group since 1993. Contact Jeff at 513-263-9388 or at jeff.russ@stmediagroup.com

Mark Kissling, Managing Editor

Mark came aboard Signs of the Times in August 2016 and is now the managing editor. He also directs ST Books and has been with ST Media Group since 1993. Contact Mark at 513-263-9399 or at mark.kissling@stmediagroup.com

Darek Johnson, Editor-at-Large

A business/technology writer with direct sign-design, fabrication and operations expertise, Darek has traveled worldwide and reported on all aspects of signage and digital technology for more than 22 years. Contact Darek at darek.johnson@stmediagroup.com

Grant Freking, Associate Editor

Grant joined Signs of the Times in February 2017 after a decade spent writing and editing for various magazines, newspapers and websites. Contact Grant at 513-263-9348 or at grant.freking@stmediagroup.com

Contributing Editors


Louis M. Brill

Louis is a journalist and consultant that has covered the progress and growth of new sign technologies since the 1990's. He has a fascination with LEDs and other leading visual technologies as the new voice of sign communications. Contact Louis at louismbrill@gmail.com


Vince Cahill

With more than 32 years in the print-technology field, Vince is the president of VCE Solutions (Waynesboro, PA), a consultancy that provides technical and marketing consulting and planning services for digital and analog printing and digital manufacturing OEMs and user companies. Contact Vince at vince@vcesolutions.com


Laura Peters

Laura Peters is a fulltime freelance writer who specializes in technology topics including LEDs and their many applications. Laura was previously senior technical editor of LEDs Magazine, editor-in-chief of Semiconductor International and has over 20 years of experience working in semiconductor manufacturing. Contact Laura at lpeters40@gmail.com