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Shops diversify their specialty-wrap-film repertoire.
Specialty wrap films used in Poland, Chazzzam Signs (Bellingham, WA)

I made it my business to investigate new wrap films that were being introduced at the recent Intl. Sign Assn. Expo in Orlando, FL. A new feature of several vinyl products debuting at the show was extended shelf life prior to use – important when it comes to some newer, specialty wrap films that shops wouldn’t contemplate for most jobs. A shop can purchase a roll of new special-effect vinyl with the confidence that they can come back to that same roll for several years. Following are two quick looks at shops already using two recently released wrap films.


Bartosz Czaus is the owner of Graffit Design (Olsztyn, Poland), and because his shop’s wrap projects mainly involve Arlon films, he was among the first to receive Arlon’s new IllumiNITE Wrap, which allows for a luminous effect in nighttime settings. Bartosz chose to wrap his own company “Caddy” to show the rest of his town what this new film could do to attract attention. Not wanting to hide the glow-effect with too many dark colors while designing the wrap in CorelDRAW, “I planned as little black as possible,” Bartosz said. In order to achieve high contrast and image quality, he replaced the black background with white or “without printing.” 

The resultant zombie image dominating the design has an eerie effect, particularly at night. Bartosz printed the IllumiNITE Wrap, which has an unprinted life of seven years, on his shop’s HP Latex 350 then added Arlon Series 3220 Overlaminate. “When printing, always with new material, I create a new color profile and settings adapted to the material and choose the one that suits me best,” he said. The new Arlon film didn’t require any other unusual settings. Installation also mirrored standard wrap procedures; however, “You cannot heat up [the film] too much and drag the foil,” he warned, “because you get discoloration on deep ribbing such as the edges of the roof.”

For the brief time Graffit Design’s Caddy has been searching for brains to eat around Olsztyn, Bartosz reports that the wrap is holding up fine. To complete the experiment, he has already removed some of the wrap from a vehicle. “When it comes to removal, in places which were heavily heated and drawn during application, the [film delaminated a bit at overstretched and overheated areas] and the adhesive was left on the car,” Bartosz said. But like a true zombie, the adhesive peeled away easily from the body of the car. Meanwhile, “it is a cool option to become more visible,” he said, “but unfortunately our city does not enjoy too much interest in terms of customer demand.” Well, maybe not today, but like the zombie apocalypse, it is coming.


Chazzzam Signs & Vehicle Restyling put Avery Dennison’s new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series to good use for a repeat customer.
Chazzzam Signs & Vehicle Restyling put Avery Dennison’s new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series to good use for a repeat customer.

Meanwhile, don’t you love customers who are willing to try new things? Jerry Spraggins, owner of Chazzzam Signs & Vehicle Restyling in Bellingham, WA has one such customer, “a repeater,” as Jerry aptly named him. How does one become known as a repeater? “He originally found us because we always parked the cars we finished out front when they were done and one was a kit car Ferrari,” Jerry said. The customer stopped by and, well, you know the rest. For this latest project, “he wanted to do something flashy, since this will eventually be a drift car.” Jerry showed him examples of Avery Dennison’s new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series and the customer settled on Rushing Riptide Cyan/Purple Satin/Matte.

As a full wrap, disassembly of the head and tail lights, bumpers, door handles and mirrors was required. “We replaced the stock badges over the wrap,” Jerry said. Chazzzam did not laminate this wrap, though they do offer it on every job. “On chrome wraps we require it,” Jerry said before adding that their commercial wraps are always laminated, too. Jerry described this new film as “tricky to install, especially for beginner to intermediate installers, in our opinion.” He likes the colors but finds the wrap slightly harder to work with compared to its counterparts. “It likes heat but cools off fast and doesn’t like to be cold,” Jerry said. “My main installers don’t seem to mind. ...All in all it’s a solid film.”

More specialty parts are planned for this future drift car and Chazzzam will be wrapping them as they are added, Jerry reported. “We will also be doing some interior trip pieces in the future.” That’ll be a repeat opportunity to try something new!


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