Hip To Be Square

A church chooses two glowing orange cubes and more to carry its message.
The church invites parishioners via two custom 10-ft., cube-shaped signs on 5-ft.-tall monument bases. The geometric shape and modern lighting effects make a bold, modern impression.

Almost like the setting sun, the captivating signage outside the LifeMission Church in Olathe, KS has a warm orange round light with bold arrows across a globe and the words “Our Mission is GO.” The other three sides of the sign simply display the name, “LifeMission Church.” For parishioners leaving the nondenominational church property – the message, to “Go” and pursue a life-mission – is the last thing they see.

“The customer had a clear vision for this project and collaborated closely with our team to ensure brand continuity and [to] achieve placemaking results,” said Joe Ontjes, president of Luminous Neon Art & Sign Systems, the custom signage firm that designed, manufactured and installed the LifeMission signage. Luminous, a 75-person firm that serves the Kansas City, MO area partnered with wholesale sign manufacturer ESCO for a portion of the project’s fabrication.

When it comes to signage details, as many loyal Signs of the Times readers might attest, seeing is believing. It was a trip to Luminous’ fab facility in Olathe by LifeMission Church executives that really sealed the deal on the project. “They were able to look at different signs that we had in process and see the various lighting effects we were capable of, which gave them a good idea of the techniques they wanted to implement,” said Quintin Totta, account manager at Luminous. “Normally, we wouldn’t combine so many effects on one sign. But since this sign is 10 feet cubed, we had greater flexibility on what could be done with lighting.” The result is unique. The logos are both LED face-lit and halo-lit, and push-through illuminated acrylic copy was overlaid with vinyl graphics along with digitally printed translucent graphics to display the globe features. Design details were coordinated between Luminous and LifeMission personnel. The final designs were completed by Luminous’ graphic designer, Janice Hansen, and converted to technical sketches used for fabrication using Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud software.

The LifeMission Church sits on a 33-acre property and includes two schools, a barn, an activity center and other buildings. A custom-built four-sided wayfinding sign was installed at a particularly busy intersection. The wayfinding sign was constructed of orange-painted aluminum with a 1.5-in. metal retainer system and custom orange, digitally printed graphics on a white translucent acrylic signface. For the custom directional sign, a four- sided aluminum mounting structure was fabricated for the LEDs and the ideal lighting effect was achieved by positioning it 5 in. from the signfaces.

The LifeMission signage project combined a strong branding concept with a bold design and modern lighting techniques. Interestingly, the church has additional campuses in the Midwest and is considering upgrades to additional signage in light of its success on the Olathe site.


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