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Wrap Computer Work Station Questions

Currently I am working on some older work stations, an older Mac Pro with 6GB of RAM cheese grater for my main computer and an older Dell PC running Flexi 8.1 with 4GB of Ram and am in the market for upgrades. Are there any shops that are designing and printing wraps on a regular basis using Flexi on Windows OS on a Mac using Parallels or Fusion virtualization software? I would prefer to consolidate everything to a Mac but I've heard that Flexi is best run on the Windows OS. If anyone would be kind enough to provide any pros and cons as to using this setup and if so what kind of Mac are you using (iMac, MacPro,), what processors are you using, how much ram, and do you have any issues with your system bogging down with large file sizes approaching say 10-15 GB files? This is not intended to be a Mac vs. PC debate so please refrain from bashing either or. I have my preferences (Mac) and only use a PC to run my invoicing software and Flexi. I'm familiar with the SignBurst computers but want to stick with Mac if possible instead of upgrading both my Mac and a PC. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.