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Newbie here. Just picked up a cg 130fx. What software do I need?

I just picked up a Mimaki CG 130fx.   It is the first generation.   I have run all the tests available on the actual machine and it seems to be in good working order.    I downloaded the drivers from the Mimaki site.    What is the minimum requirement for soft ware to actually cut with this thing?

I have zero experience with these kinds of cutters though I have plenty of experience with laser cutters, ink scape,  3d printers etc.    

I don't need a technical guide I am just having a hard time understanding which software will work with this machine. 

Do I need a dongle or is that just software

Is this a proprietary machine?  do I have to buy mimaki modded software to make it run

Is there something open source I can download?

I don't need the biggest or best   I just want to test the machine and have something to learn on.  A 500 dollar software suite is kind of a deal breaker.

Thanks for any insights.




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