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Wrap Installer or other Digital Graphics Position

I am a Wrap Installer with about 13 years of Designing, Printing, and installing my own wraps in NW Florida. ( Hundreds of Vehicles, photos available.) I run a retail Sign, Screenprinting, and Digital printing shop in a little 'one horse' town. Looking to change it up a bit or even permanently if someone needs a freelance installer in Florida, Georgia or Alabama. I'd look at a permanent position with a larger company if there was one available. I currently have a fast, reliable aircraft to travel for contract wrap installs in the Tri-States if someone had a need for something like that. I currently have extensive experience with the following:

Vehicle wraps with 3m products using Mutoh Printers.
Sign Layout, design, and installation of digital printed or cut vinyl.
Lamination and application to substrates.
Flexisign Pro and Adobe Photoshop for all my layout work. Formerly had extensive experience with CorelDraw, but not in many years.
Printing and sewing banners with a commercial sewing machine/adding grommets.
Full service screenprinting of T-shirts and other textiles. I design, do color separations, print films, coat and expose-washout screens, pre-press, setup jobs, color alignment, start to finish.
Don't have experience with much in architectural outdoor electric signage, but pretty knowledgeable on basic electrical, and understand the outdoor sign process. Previously had experience traveling all over the country working with a company that did safety inspections on Bucket Trucks, Cranes, and Fire Truck Platforms so I have operated many different types of man-lift equipment in the process of the inspections.

I'm not one of those guys that decided to open a shop and doesn't know how to do anything. I have done everything from the ground up. My area has become a little over saturated and I would prefer to get into a bigger area.

Just looking to see what opportunities are out there. I prefer to stay in the southeast: Texas and east, to Tennessee and south.