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Unlimited design, production files $1500 per month only a few select companies

Edit 2020 We are not currently taking customers

Edit 2016

For all of you that inquired in the past and I did not have an available spot at that time, one spot is available now contact me at (512) 547 1949
Thank you!
Initial Post:

Former large sign company director provides premium sign design Service full 24/7 time to design, consult and fabrication / production files, clients enjoy unlimited files, designs and consulting hours, that means as many designs, changes, files etc as you need. these companies can avoid paying high salaries to designers, programers, etc and just have a low flat fee of $1000 per month
You will be able to contact me anytime via phone or e-mail.
I do not take clients from cities where I have current customers to avoid conflict of interest, please ask. all work is confidential. and your proposals etc will represent you, I can also deal with your clients directly if you wish for design changes and details and I will represent myself as your employee (which I will be anyway).

Some of my credentials:

Award winning designer
Creative fabrication and design
Cost effective and fabricable-doable-design
Architectural to Commercial
Detailed drawings and graphic proposals
Designed and built specialty tools and CNC components
Master Sign Electrician
25 years experience, design, general management vice-presidency
Files for CNC, Vinyl, Illustration, vectors. printing
Computer System Engineer Degree

You go see a client that needs a multi-tenant monument sign, you take photos of the center, the sign location, general information on size, color preference, match to building architecture, etc just a general survey, you e-mail me that information, I design a sign, create a sketch, we work on changes, details, you sell the project, I create production files to match whatever fabrication you do (CNC, hand tools, etc), I also generate drawings for engineering seal, for permit adquisition, etc.and all of the above any time, as many as needed for $1500.00 per month
(fee applies to small to medium size companies that paying a full time designer becomes a prohibitive expense)

If you are tired of paying in-house employees that call-in sick, that are not creative or have no experience or work only 8-5 and is costing you an arm and a leg, contact me.
if you are interested please reply with an e-mail address.
Thank you!