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I’m an Independent contractor with 36 years of experience in the Sign industry. I serve as a subcontractor for various companies in New York, also a few out of New York. I service the New York Area and I also travel around the country I would say 60% of my work is out of the state of New York. My most recent installation projects have found me in Texas, Virginia, Utah, and Florida. My clients hire me as either the installer or field project manager to oversee the install. My clients find it better to hire me for their out of state work so not to tie up their crew or if they need help with a large roll out. I  work alone or I have a crew that comes with me on larger installations, I prefer not to work with other companies workers unless I’m there just to manage them. As far as equipment I’ve streamlined to a pick up truck loaded with tools including a welder and an open trailer. I’ve been considering purchasing a closed trailer but have yet to make up my mind. Over the years I have found it easier to just simply rent Lifts as needed. I am capable of any installation,  but at this stage of my career I’m happier doing interior and low to the ground projects. I’m Ready for anything anywhere just contact me at 631–241 -9270 If you could use my services.

New York

Walnut street
11757 NY
United States