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Experienced Sign Industry 28 years

Experienced sign Help. I left the sign business over 4 years ago to operate a business in a different industry. after 4 years i decided to sell my business and did about 5 months ago. I have since been thinking of getting back into a business i really liked at some capacity. I would like to find a job as traveling field rep for quality company. My experience is diverse.I have worked on multi million dollar stadium projects,national accounts for Banks, Restaurant chains,Hotels,Retail as well as small mom and pop projects.I was operations manager for third party install company for 8 years. also worked as Installer, Service, Project Mgr, Installation Mgr, Permit Tech, Traveled all over US working with sub contractors to complete out of state projects. From sign placement to problem solving issues to final inspections before payment to sub contractors.(some accounts required company rep to be present for sub installs) Currently located on east coast of Florida. (Daytona Beach Fl.) Any questions or comment feel free to PM me. Thanks.