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Experienced Sign Designer TetroDesign

Stephan Tetreault, professionnal graphic and sign designer.

I have a 26 year experience background as a graphic designer which 22 years were collectively done in the prestigious sign domaine. 

I offer my creative potential by optimizing the visual communication effectiveness of my professionnal business partners. Collaborating with a freelance designer offers you many advantages without unnecessarily saturating your wage bill.

Click on this next link for a little glimpse of what I do… Feel free to like the page if you do!

For further information, I invite you to communicate with me. You will then make the best advertizing placement there is.

I speak and write both english and french. I'm also open to collaborate internationally with american friends as well! After all we share the same passion!

Thank you so much for according me your precious time.


Quebec, QC

1243 Rue de la Chartreuse
G3K 0G3 QC