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VA Sign Company ready to Merge

My company is located in Virginia and I am ready to merge with an equal or larger company. We do design, manufacturing, fabrication, installations, repairs, removals and more.

Our target market is Electrical signs, Pylons, Monuments, EMC's, Architectural, etc.
Our secondary market is Post & Panel, General Signage, Vehicle Graphics and more.

We dig our own footers, place our own rebar, pour our own concrete, etc.

I have 11 years of experience in the industry with a Class B Sign Contractors license which is good up to $120,000 of a single job or a total of $750,000 a year (for signs requiring a license).

The time has come to grow, I am sitting on 40 jobs, which at least 15 or 20 are large scale, we are under staffed, our shop has gotten too small and we are struggling to keep up with business.

I am interested in merging with another company for greater manpower and resources.

Reply on here with your email address and I will send you an email. Thanks