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Used Automated Color-Dec Doming Machine 660W

Color-Dec Dome Machine 660W

This is a gently-used machine that is almost like new. We purchased it new at the beginning of 2016 and have used it no more than 80 hours total. We will arrange for shipping to your worksite. It's a great machine, but we're selling it because it doesn't work for our current business model and we need to make room for other equipment. All parts, accessories, software and instructions will be included.

Price: $35,000 or best offer. We spent more than $55k on the new machine.

From the manufacturer:
• Automated resin coating machine with two axes (X,Y) and interpolated movement
• Integrated Degassing System with 2 tanks, 30L total capacity
• Welded and solid steel frame, stable and vibration-free working station
• Digital control of resin dispensing
• Production of labels with complex shapes 
• Wide Range of accessories and different distribution head settings included
• Production of up to 40,000 labels of 1" diameter during one work shift

Technical features:
• Vacuum working table dimensions 400x300mm improving perfect adhesion of label sheets
• Integrated Degassing System with 2 tanks, 30L total capacity
• Axis movement by means of step by step motor
• CNC Console with integrated PLC for machine control
• Multiple programming capacity including matrix and auto-learning mode
• Metering group ratio 100:100 with single acting cylinders
• Humidity and room temperature indicator
• Automatic washing system with washing liquid circuit
• Emergency washing possible even in case of black out
• Pressure regulator for incoming air to improve features of pneumatic system
• Power supply : 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A CE approved machine

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