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Seiko Colorpainter 64s complete part out *Good Heads*


Heads were reconditioned by Printhead Dr. not long ago. While cleaning a clog from my lines I managed to burst the sub tanks on one side, so theres only 4 of 6 subtanks available. Unit worked flawlessly before I took an extended vacation and forgot to put the printer into long term storage mode, which clogged the heads, hence why I had them reconditioned.

Really would hate to just put this on the curb, so I stripped the unit down.

As you may know, there are thousands of components to these printers, name a part and I'll give you a price. Most parts will be in the $15-25 range. The heads, I have to get at least $100 each or the whole set can be negotiated for less.

I have many NEW spare parts as well.

Feel free to make offers, or ask questions
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