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RAS TURBOBEND PLUS CNC FOLDER 10' x 14-gauge/.125 Aluminum

This is a very nice RAS CNC Folding Machine, that is now available for immediate purchase. It is in good condition, no known issues, AND IS EQUIPPED WITH A FULL SET OF THE "GOATS FOOT" aka Box & Pan Tooling. This is the sought after folder for bending 14-gauge mild steel or up to .125 Aluminum. 


Sheet Thickness Capacity: 14 Ga x 125.9" 

Backgauge Accuracy: +-.006"

Upper Beam Open Height Max: 7.87" 

Folding Beam Speed: 80 Deg/Second 

Backgauge Speed: .4" - 61"/1.9 Second 

Work Height: 33.5" 

Electrical: 400V/3PH 

RAS 6000 CNC Controller, Folding Beam, Upper Beam, and Virtual CNC Axis for the Folding Beam Adjustment, All Welded Steel Construction, 3-1/2" Floppy Disc Drive, Foot Pedal, Manuals 

Additional photos available upon emailed request or phone call to 800-753-0393. This machine is ready to go to work for your today! We have a short video of it, but it's not very good. It's too short the customer took it.

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