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Mutoh 52" Printer

Mutoh Printer - Prints up to 52"
Model - VJ-1614A
Bad print head

Comes with tower (which has been cleared) and Wasatch Software with dongle
Possible Monitor and keyboard available

We have not been using it for production for months however we have been using for internal labeling and such so we know it does work. We took it out of service due to a erratic ink head that works occasionally and is "blown" other times.

We are out of ink so if you want to see it actually print it would cost a deposit

Below is some information from a company we used to maintenance the printer.

Printhead $2869.00
Damper $146.00/each (4 needed, strongly recommended at replacement of Printhead)
Wiper $43.00

$5000 asking price, motivated seller