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Hp Latex 360

I am buying a brand new printer so I am selling my every day printer. I bought this new and have used it daily and will continue to until I get my new one. I will demonstrate it printing on a variety of materials to potential buyers.

I will not ship, must be picked up during business hours in Fox Lake, IL

It has printed just under 224,000 sq ft and has used 180,000 ml of ink, these will be higher upon purchase as we are still using the unit every day.

It does work and print. It does have known issues that came up when we had a brown out. First, It comes up with a magenta ink slot error, this does not interfere at all with performance. It also on occasion is hard to boot up when the temp is cold in the shop (It sits on an outside wall) I have to warm it up and reboot several times before it will print. I do believe it needs a power supply that can be purchased from for $450.

It will include the printheads and the ink that is in it at time of purchase.

I will let it go for $5000, no less. For any less I will just keep it for a back up printer. It should sell very fast for that price.

Call 847-587-4300 if interested.

Fox Lake, IL

20 E. Grand Ave
60020 IL
United States