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Avery OmniCube Reflective

We have some rolls of High Intensity Avery Reflective we want to get rid of. see specs and inventory below.

Avery® OmniCube™ Reflective Sheeting Series 11500

18" x 50yrds - White, Red, Yellow
24" x 41yrds - Blue
48" x 9.86yrds - Yellow
48" x 2.7yrds - Green

Contact Jonathan at if you're interested. Location is in Oregon.

Avery Dennison® OmniCube™ takes full-cube retroreflective sheeting technology to a new level. OmniCube full-cube prisms are 100% efficient – returning approximately 60% of available light back to the driver, unlike competitive prismatic sheeting that returns only 40%. Uniquely designed, OmniCube takes a broad array of full cubes with angles tailored to meet the specific needs of drivers in different vehicle type. The full cubes and angles are then precisely aligned in multiple orientations to deliver consistent performance. OmniCube’s intelligent cube technology efficiently returns light to drivers of all vehicles, including heavy trucks, SUV’s, automobiles with the newest headlight designs, and motorcycles. retroreflective sheeting as set forth in ASTM D 4956.Meets ASTM D4956 Type I