Ford F-800 H70 Elliott $32.500

1993 ford F800 boom truck with a H70 Elliott boom crane on the bed.

Truck is in great condition and has 191,932 miles.

Used for a sign company and has always treated us well and has always been a reliable truck.

Upper and Lower controls for the lift.

6 speed manual transmission.

Tires are in great shape as well as the motor.

This truck has always been kept up to date with maintenance and inspections by our in house mechanic.

Has current annual crane certification and a DOT inspection certification.

2 storage bins and a Miller Blue charger welder/generator.

Has 5 outriggers, 2 in the rear, 2 extended front, and one front bumper.

6,000 LB winch. 

3 man remote bucket.

TAGS: Ford, F800, Boom Truck, Crane Truck, Elliott, H70, Sign Truck, Man Lift, Diesel.

Denver (Freeman Signs)

3883 Monaco Pkwy
80207 CO
United States