65' HD Skyhook on under CDL - great back up truck!

I just bought this 65' HD Skyhook from Crane Center in Mansfield OH (Dick Haight). If you know cranes, you know these guys are the best. Was planning on using it as a backup lighting truck on installs.
However, we had one of our main trucks go down shortly after I bought this, and I acquired a new Elliott. So basically, I don't need this truck anymore.
Makes a great truck to use as backup or small shop needing a lifting truck.
Mounted on a 1992 GMC Topkick:
-191,5xx miles
-under CDL

Crane Center went through everything before we bought it and replaced many parts, etc.
-has ladders
-welder/generator included
-rear outriggers
-lamp box
-2- underbed boxes
-14' wood bed with bumpers

just want to get back what I bought it for - $16,500. You will need to pick it up at that price. We drove it from OH to Kansas City no problem