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Flashing Boards LED Message Board

The FlashingBoards LED Message Board is not like any ordinary menu board, advertising sign, neon sign, business sign or LED Message writing board. By using the special fluorescent markers your message will shine bright letting your customers know important information. Changing the message is simple! Erase the old message with a soft cloth and rewrite the new message.

The FlashingBoards LED Board is driven by LED light technology. The boards can be left on overnight, working consistantly to help advertise!

Comprising of several sparkling colors, the boards have numerous light functions that are easily selectable to create a tasteful, high-impact message.

While the FlashingBoards LED Boards are effective in daylight, they really excel in lowly lit and ambiently lit settings.

They can be mounted to the wall, proped against a wall on a counter or displayed with the optional easel.

The FlashingBoards LED Board is the perfect, inexpensive option for POP advertising!

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