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We are currently looking for EXPERIENCED (not just starting out) wrap installers in ALL location across US. We are looking for installers that are NOT "drama queens". We have worked with many installers over the years. All we do are vehicle wraps. We know exactly how templates sizing problems, no bleed problems, no perf problems. We have all heard it before...but we DO know what we are doing. EXAMPLE: we just installed a wrap printed for a competing customer: whoever designed it left the template outline on the print. If you hung your panels on the sides of the vehcile you could see the outline of the template...outside of design was white.(totally rookie mistake if you as us). We take care of ALL of our installers. We usually pay 50% or better upfront for installations. We use ONLY 3M 180-C with matching 3M 8519 hard lam. We dont use liquid lam. (too flimsy). We do NO premask (unless requested: generally in very hot areas).

What we require: experience, experience, experience...and PROOF of it. We have asked propective installers in the past to send us some images of their work. It is amazing how many of them have wrapped the exact same vehicle and have the exact same images of that wrap. Please just send us YOUR work.

Insurance: if you are a qualified and serious will have this. It is just part of the job.

Not required but a real plus with us is a useable facility to have our clients come directly to you. This saves you travel costs and time. It also allows you to schedule and be 100% comfortable with your installation surroundings.

If you do have to travel to a customers location. We will make SURE that the facility is suitable for an installation.

Also, we always, always, tell customers to have vehicles clean and NOT waxed.

We send layouts with every wrap....EVERY TIME.

If you are interested in working with us please email us from this post.

Thanks again guys.....(and gals)