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15 Signs for a Licensed Florida company to install

We have 15 signs in various locations around Florida that need to be refurbished, replaced or re-lettered. We want to hire a few companies to handle the job. Permitting, installation etc..
If you are interested in bidding on all or a portion of the job, please contact me. This Monday, November 16th, 2015 I will have all the information for each sign and location to include images and dimensions.
These signs are of varying styles. The client purchased 15 nursing homes and is rebranding each to reflect the company identity.
We will work directly with each company that is hired to provide the basic design layout of each sign, but it is up to the hired company to ensure each sign is up to code, permitted and provide what ever is needed to be 100% completed and then inspected.
Ideally, we wish to hire as few companies as possible to complete the work and ensure that the production is completed in a timely, safe manner.
We will need to see your portfolio of completed sign works, any references we can contact and if hired a copy of your insurance and W-9.

Robert Viana, Production Manager
Artful Signs
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