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Sign Inspection is often overlooked!

Who is thinking about all these high rise signs and how stable they are?  Well, more and more property owners are!  We are an inspection firm that has been inspecting existing structures and new-builds for 10 years.  We have put together an inspection program that can work independently or as part of your installation package or service contract.  We provide a certified inspection of all welding and bolting in new construction as well as full inspection of existing pylons and poles.  These services provide your clients with piece of mind for times where terms like "asset protection and management" and "liability in the event of a failure" and "investment protection" are brought up at boardroom tables and water coolers.  In events where a sign does not meet code or specifications, it can provide you, as a sign company, with the opportunity for additional revenue to make recommended repairs.  As a sales bullet, offering a third-party, independent inspection of you work, gives you more credibility and helps to provide your customer with the assurance they are choosing the right company to erect their sign.  For more information, shoot me an email at or call me at 740-808-6929


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