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Old Metallic Vinly Stripe Removal

Decal Removal
Hello All,

I have a customer with a 2004 ford pickup that has two factory
stripes running across the hood, the cab top, the back of the bed door hatch. They are 7" silver metallic

The paint on the truck looks like a showroom finish, but the stripes are cracked into small pieces, oxidized
and look almost impossible to remove. I am a sign guy and have been in the trade since the 1970s and
have done many a removal, but this one looks scary to me so I thought I'd do plenty of research prior to
going to work on it (should I decide to take it on).

In the past I have run up against similar problems and have always been able to find a solution, but due to
the metallic silver (not mylar chrome), the horizonal surface and the fact that it's an Arizona pickup the stripes
are thin, fractured, and oxidized and it looks like a nightmare for me, and very, very expensive for the custom.

Any suggestions?
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Rick Way
A-Tek Signs
Des Moines, Iowa

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