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cnc router

Brand of DEKCEL,cnc router,cnc laser,cnc parts manufacturers and suppliers in china.  supply different types of cnc routers machine used in different industries.

Welcome to DEKCEL CNC,where our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are happy to assist you with your CNC needs.

Welcome to DEKCEL CNC,where our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are happy to assist you with your CNC needs.

Dekcel  is focus on the design, production, manufacturing, trade and service of china cnc router laser machine, and provide high quality and good price cnc router laser cutter worldwide.

DEKCEL do not just sell CNC machines. We offer CNC solutions to Customers. Provision of a CNC machine is more than just the provision of a machine tool.....

Jinan DEKCEL provide a range of CNC Router,cnc laser,plasma cutting machine ,laser marking machine etc. Having manufactured, sold, installed and supported over 7000 CNC machines.

The professional CNC router,laser,plasma cutter we offer have exceptional long term stability, high cutting performance potential in a variety of applications and the machine systems are built to last.

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Cnc Laser cutting machine is a product which made in Dekcel. China CNC laser engraving and cutting machine is kind of CNC laser machines. They are mainly for metal and non-metal material by higher precision processing way suitable for vector cutting, raster engraving, sign making, displays, sheet fabrication, textile fabrication and cutting, name plates, outdoor advertising and more. China CNC laser engraving machine includes metal and wood lasers.  China laser engraving machine could process following material: metal China Laser Engraving Machine & Cutting Machine. It can support many models of engraving, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, leather, fabric, rubber, ceramics, stone, marble, granite and so on. And it widely used in many cutting materials, which includes wood, acrylic, mdf, garments, plastic, cloth, leather, paper, veneer,plasma and more. Metal & wood Laser cutting Machine: Besides above non-metal material, the cnc laser machine 150W with following system also could cut stainless steel, mild steel and carbon steel. We Dekcel offers china cnc laser cutting machine with advanced software, low cost, high engraving and cutting speed. Want to buy cnc laser for metal and wood ? There may not only one cnc laser engraver manufacturer, but the price of Dekcel is best to all customers.Contact cnc laser engraver manufacturer Dekcel directly PLS.

Cnc parts are used in lots of equipment, including in cnc router laser and plasma cutting machine, and these machines have a great value in working. Manufacturer direct sale CNC spare parts to buyer with cost price and free cnc router partscnc laser partsplasma cutting machine parts support from China CNC spare parts manufacturer - Dekcel.

Best CNC router manufacturer in China- Dekcel offer high performance, affordable and cost effective CNC wood router, metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine and CNC knife.

CNC routers are ideally suited for residential and commercial woodworking, fabricating plastics and composites, shaping and inlaying solid surface, machining non-ferrous metals and more.offer a wide range of CNC engraving machine, including stone engraving machine, 3 axis CNC router, 4 axis CNC router5 axis CNC router, which can be processed wood,plastic, non-ferrous metal etc. Whether you’re looking for purchasing your first CNC router machine to start out in the engraving and cutting industry, or adding a second router CNC to your line, is tailored to give you an affordable CNC router with meets your exact demand and budget since it is with over 100 configurations and ODM accept also.

strives to provide the best of what’s most important to our users –engraving and cutting quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use.By utilizing only the highest-quality components, affordable CNC routers are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you.


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