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Manufacturing Clerk in Tampa, FL

Manufacturing Clerk Description
Company size: Revenues of $ 15 - $30 million, employee base of 100-300
Industry: Manufacturing – Custom Signage
Geographic scope: Single location, giving active support to remote operations
• Education/Professional Designation:
o HS Diploma or GED equivalent required.
o Microsoft Office training/ certification a plus, but not required.
• Experience:
o Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Power Point
o Experience with various forms of technology related to hardware, software and process, including an ERP system.
• Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
o Daily collection and entry of labor and material data into an ERP system for all production personnel.
o Data entry of timecard corrections supplied by production personnel via a web-based portal.
o Entering results of weekly department inspections into Excel spreadsheet.
o Entering data from near-miss reports and OSHA recordable violations into a web-based portal.
o Distribution, collection and organization of weekly safety Toolbox Talks for all production departments.
o Collect, update and maintain Safety Data Sheets for all required materials in the shop.
o Prepare monthly financial and safety reports from information acquired from Production Directors.
o Copy and assemble work order packages for distribution to the production floor.
o All data entry required for QC and rework procedures.
o Additional administrative duties as assigned by the Production Directors.
• Values:
o Effectively develops and manages stakeholder relationships:
 CEO, CFO, COO, Directors of Sales and Project Services
 Peers
 Managers
 Team leads
o Cultivates an atmosphere of integrity, transparency, trust, and collaboration.
o Shows a commitment to excellence in all areas.
o Ability to stay the course/do the right thing in spite of difficulties or barriers.
o Shows forward-thinking and has a positive outlook.
o Demonstrates an orientation towards action – ability to “get it done”; has a sense of urgency.
o Shows innovation by exploring better or more efficient ways of producing the work.
o Takes initiative, able to step outside of role boundaries to achieve corporate goals.
o Takes corrective action: able to admit errors, correct them and avoid repeating them.