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Looking for a Sign Sales Executive

Signage Salesperson

Signs for San Diego is a well established, leading, locally owned sign company in search of a business to business salesperson. If you have a proven track record of finding and developing customers, please evaluate the following qualifications and submit your resume.


  • Two years of proven sales experience in finding and developing customers.
  • Experience in executing a solution based sales approach.
  • Character traits of honesty, hard work ethic, a high concern for others, and are willing to accept responsibility for your destiny.
  • Willing to pursue goals, handle yourself with confidence, and master product knowledge and sales skills.
  • Money motivated and willing to accept a base with high commissions that may reach six figures.
  • Have a passion for the sign industry. You enjoy serving customers to help them present a positive business image using our quality sign products.
  • A driven personality with an impatience for results, extraverted traits for meeting people and closing sales, controlling the sales process and working independently.
  • A positive and optimistic outlook that causes you to see yourself as a successful salesperson who can earn a six figures income.

If your experience matches the qualifications, please be prepared to receive an email request to complete an assessment and questionnaire.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $35,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year

Oceanside, CA

3800 Oceanic Dr 113
92056 CA
United States