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lack of respect

i must say that i am becoming increasingly bothered by the lack of respect that REAL professional installers recieve , be it from there employers, customers, fabricators and sign people in general.
now im not saying there are not exceptions, but im 37 years old and i install signs for a living and consider myself to be very good at it, and i have witnessed first hand the aboved mentioned situations.
this statement is for anyone who wants to learn about installation and installers. i am appauled that i frequently see adds on the web searching for lead men that require 3-5 years experience, and that people who have only been in the industry for 5-10 years have the audacity to call themselves sign pros or master signmen. i have litterally been installing signs for 22 years, i have been involved in all aspects of this business from design to vinyl install to sales to installations of million dollar signs and there is NOT any area of signage that requires more individual skills,attention , safety awareness( for yourself and others) and overall dedication to be done correctly and efficiently than the installation of signage, i take great pride in what do and strive to always get better, now if i only didnt spend 30% of my time correcting the mistakes of others due to lack of information, proper job preperation, scedueling,and poor surveys( oh yeah any iddiot can properly survey for an install job).heres a note to you rookies, a survey has the abillity to make or break a jobs pofitibility!!!!!!!!.
on a daily basis my job includes but is not limited to , completion of installation information on the previous days jobs, timecards(for me and helper) locating, loading days work, truck maint. (check oil,stock parts & materials, ) travel to job , completion of job, gas reciepts, concrete reciepts, material purchases and reciepts, log book, mileage
hotel booking and reciepts, per diem info, completion forms & photos.and many many shirts does a fabrictor, project mgr.
salesman wear? im not taking from them but lets be realistic.
real true hard core sign men are few and far between , if you are lucky enough to employ one or find one KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!