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Any help for the installation of signage on storefront..!!

Hey, I'm working in a supermarket for the past few years as a labour head. Our shop has branched its new division in Toronto, and I got the charge over the promotion of our shop and its launching there. As it is our first branch in Toronto, we are looking for more traffic to the shop. We discussed how to get peoples attention to our shop and finally came up with the fact that the storefront sign gives a good impression to the store, and signage is one of the primary thing a potential customer notice. So we decided to install custom signs in front of the shop. Our team approached several firms providing services for custom signs near Toronto, and I get to know that the signs are available in different designs and materials. I'm in a confusion of choosing the design of signs. Is there any sign material that lasts all the year without any damage? We need a unique and quality product that lasts for years. Can someone offer any advice on choosing the material and design? Please share your thoughts and suggestions on it.


1867 Sheppard Ave Toronto, ON
M1S 1T4 ON