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There will come a generation who Hotels and Resorts in Port Blair will only know the glory that was Venice through recorded film, pictures and written travelogues. They will miss the feel of water slapping against the gondola's prow, the verismo serenade of the gondolier, the softness of a Venetian breeze dancing across the lagoon. As one who might have missed those things myself, I am eternally grateful that Venice has remained standing long enough for me to meet her in person.

After spending a few days in Aruba, you might notice a unique brand of beer served at every bar and restaurant on the island. Balashi, Aruba's favorite local brew, is one of the most popular products produced in Aruba. Starting small just ten years ago, the Balashi Brewery has grown into one of the world's most acclaimed beers. Meanwhile, the Balashi Brewery has constructed a truly state of the art facility complete with a European-style beer garden that has quickly become a favorite destination for traveling families and locals alike.