Should I make investment for mobile signs services?

Good morning everybody. Just found out about this place and Im glad I stumbled upon it. I have been cutting vinyl for about 6-7 years now. Up until 2019, I was cutting for personal purposes and for friends/family who needed smaller decals for their cars and what not. But this past year I decided to step it up a notch and go into business as a side hustle. On top of teaching elementary PE, I offer a wide variety of vinyl services. Vinyl lettering, vehicles signs, magnetic signs, yard signs, banners, custom printed t-shirts and hats and logo design. I have not stepped into car wraps YET, but was hoping to dive into that within the next few years. I am currently working out of my house with my 24" plotter, Epson sublimation printer and a 15x15 heat press. (Using a lower end USCutter plotter for the past 4-5 years) It has made me excellent money this year on the side im not going to lie. Most of my jobs people will come and pick up, but I do go to my customers for the installs. And this is why I am here today....

I recently picked up a new 6x12 V-nose cargo trailer to turn into my office/signs shop. I haven't done anything to it YET, but I did pick up new vinyl flooring for it and I have been mapping out how I want my desk and tables laid out inside. But for those with experience, is offering MOBILE sign services ideal? There are many shops in town here offering everything from common vinyl signs to vehicle wraps. But nobody is advertising MOBILE and that we will come to you and cut on the spot. 

So today, I am trying to talk my self into keeping the trailer and just "going" for it and trying it out. But the other side of me has me thinking twice. And I tend to overthink way too much. But hearing other stories and experiences in the same business are extremely helpful. I planned on hauling everything in an enclosed trailer, only during installs where I can go and bring my cutter with me and also becoming a vendor at local events in town or possibly the local flea markets on the weekends. I have a pickup truck that I normally haul my ladders and signs in, but in some cases I will drive nearly two hours for a large job for another company so having a mobile office plus my cutter with me is a sign of relief. 

I work out of my house probably 90% of the time right now. This past 2019 year, I have probably went out of town 4-5 times to cut vinyl on the spot and install. But if I do continue to go down this route, I will advertise and push more of the "we come to you" service.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? I have about $2500 invested in the trailer so far. Good investment or should I invest the $2500 somehow else? 


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