Hair With Herbs and Vitamins

The rest are really not even worth wasting your time and money on. Let's simplify the decision you have at hands by talking about these two FDA-approved ingredients. The most recent one to be approved is an ingredient called Finasteride, but you may be more familiar with it under DasGro Hair Formula the name Propecia and Proscar. This medication can be taken by prescription only and it comes in pill form. Many people have had great success when taking it. But many people are still very hesitant about taking this medication, especially over the long run. Why? Because of the known side effects that come with taking it.

You see, Finasteride directly affects your testosterone levels. As a result, 1 in about 50 people who take it will experience some sort of adverse sexual side effect. The most common ones are impotence, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and decreased sexual desire. Even though Finasteride is considered one of the best treatments for hair loss, many people refuse to take it for this simple reason (especially if they are still young and sexually active). Thankfully, there is another option. The other FDA-approved ingredient in the best treatments for hair loss is Monoxidil. It's applied topically to your scalp and you do not need a prescription to try it. And although not as high of a percentage of people have success using it, it still does product remarkable results for some.