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One poor little mite always jumped, bumped or landed on the edge of the little pool and the side collapsed just as the kids collapsed in laughter until Dad told them the pool was kaput, no good, a pool no more just a wet blob in the backyard until it was soaked into the parched grass. night clubs in chennai With the demise of the Brisbane backyard pool came the advent of the Sunday drive to the beach. Slowly the beautiful beaches and headlands of both Maroochyadore and Mooloolabah, these strangely named twin beach side towns took on the attitudes of fully fledged tourist meccas.Maroochyadore is from the Aboriginal word marukatch-dha meaning red bill which is also the aboriginal term for Black swan. Mooloolabah is, you guessed it an Aboriginal word... ah... but do you know what it means... it means two things actually or is derived from one of two things Lulu means Schnapper which are in evidence in the waters off Maloolabah and the other interpretation is Mull meaning Red Bellied Blacksnake also abundant in the area. Your pick.