Eating The Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Understanding how our Pure Bella Anti Aging body's use and store energy is an important point to understand when it comes to metabolism. Our cells metabolize energy from the protein, carbohydrates and fats that we eat. These energy sources come in many different forms and our body's metabolism is affected by what forms we get them from.In the case of fats our bodies have very little trouble converting them directly into fat stores for future use. Because fats tend to get sent directly to fat storage the body doesn't use much energy, or calories, quickly storing them away as fat. The majority of most people's diets consist of refined or processed foods. These are known as simple carbohydrates and they usually come from foods that include refined sugars. The body tends to use little energy processing these refined sugars and easily turns them into fat. Eating to much refined sugars is known to lead to insulin resistance, which is a affliction in which the body's cells begin to conflict with insulin's ability to let glucose to enter the cells for metabolic functions. This leads to raised blood sugar which the body will change to fat storage.

When trying to increase metabolism it is vital to eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and proteins, which will help promote weight loss. The energy required to break down proteins and complex carbohydrates is much higher than the calories required to metabolize processed foods. Eating nutritious foods that promote weight loss results in more calories being burned just to digest and metabolize the nutrients in them.