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When it comes to live foods, green leafy vegetables stand alone. This is because of a synergetic combination of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals in green
Organifi Green Juice plants.As often happens, a concerted mix of different things can solve problems. Indeed, a hint from mother nature can open your eyes to some clever and innovative food and nutrition ideas.Why Vegetables Are Good For You

Broadly, chlorophyll, in leafy greens, has an atomic structure that marvelously resembles human blood. However, chlorophyll has a magnesium atom while human blood, an iron atom.Making a world of good, raw vegetable enzymes can change the magnesium ion to an iron one. This way, your blood produces more red blood cells in order to fight diseases better.Thus, vegetable juicing is even better than fruit juicing when you understand the tremendous use of chlorophyll.Secondly, chlorophyll has many wondrous antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can combat internal stresses and hasten the healing of wounds.