Lowest cost dimensional letter there is...

For those of you that make dimensional lettered wall signs you know there is a fair amount of time and planning because you have to order the letters with the studs. But at MBS Standoffs we have a very inexpensive solution for you that will allow you to very quickly make dimensional letter wall signs. Speed up the process and increase your profit.

At MBS we make what we call our "quick snap letter system". These are 2 part glue on standoffs for acrylic letters. Half the standoff is screwed to the wall much like any other standoff, and the other half glued to the back of the letter. Then the letters just snap into place.

You can get stock acrylic letters for about a $1 an inch and make these signs in no time at all.

To find them just Google "quick snap letter system" and if I've done my job right we should be at the top of the results. :-)