JV3-160SP Firewire Board Problem.How To Repair !!!

Hi at hall !
I' am a new user of this group but I am an old user of Mimaki's Product.
I have read this topic on this board : http://www.signweb.com/forum/digital-sign-printing/mimaki-jv3-160sp-shu…
in the last entries the user Gregory Daerr make a solution on firewire board.
I have a JV3-160Sp , made in year 2007.
After 2 years of works actually i have a big problem with this printer.
This is my model of printer http://i33.tinypic.com/17pl4x.jpg JV3-160SP
From one month during the job the printer fault and stop the work approximately at 60%.
On the LCD display appear this error code : ERROR 23 COMP I/F 20 See the image of error at this link http://i34.tinypic.com/262ryg5.jpg

Whit a research by google i find that this error probably is a FireWire Board Damaged and most probably are the capacitators on the board.
At the moment i have opened the printer and i leaved the firewire board, actually the JV3 work in LPT mode, but is very slowly. The my original board is this : E400431-2 if you click you see the picture of my board. http://i33.tinypic.com/wqr0pi.jpg
I have many question for the expert users of this group :
I have idea to change the capacitators on board with same but new :
The value printing of 19 capacitators are this :

100-afc-6a7 Qt=1x
22-hha-5pd Qt=1x
47-eha-6k7 Qt=2x
100-eha-6g8 Qt=7x
22-vha-6z8 Qt=3x
47-jfc-6j4 Qt=2x
3.3-hha-6t3 Qt=2x
10-vha-6p5 Qt=1x

Sincerely i find in most shop , like on line shop , but it' impossible to buy this component ,I Live in Italy.
Somebody have an Idea for buy this capacitators?
For your personal experience if I change this capacitators if possible to resolve my problem ?
Another question is :
In this photo I Have evidence with a number some component on the board :

SEE THIS PHOTO http://i37.tinypic.com/9a3a8p.jpg

At Number 1 in green on the left is indicated a switch
Where is the real function of thi switch ?

At Number 2 in green on the center is indicated a multiple dip-switch positioned all on off :

Where is the real function of this dip switch and where is the correct configuration for the best performance ?

At Number 3 in green on the center near the dip switch is indicated an open jumper :

Where is the funcion of this Jumper ?

It's possible to found on line a complete instructions of this firewire board (dedicated manuals or a summary pdf)?

I find on line a shop for spare parts of mimaki but i don't undestand if is original part or compatible.

Anyone Know A good european shop to buy this Firewire whit a warranty policy ?

Many tanks at all and sorry for my bad english , i hope you understand my question .

Many Tanks MrFLY