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Do you agree with my opinion to hire web design companies?

Dear friends, I run a small design and development consultancy firm. I am very well aware of the doubts potential customers may have in their minds. You must have heard a lot of stories from people who hired web firms to develop their company website. What they get in the end are substandard sites even missing the important functionalities they may have requested to add, or developer run away with money.

Sometimes I feel very sad and really angry after watching the sufferings of my clients. When it comes to investing money to hire a web development company all you need to do is to consider few crucial things.

• Never hire someone from your family and expect from them to do it for free. Work with real companies who are actually offering professional website design services. Also check their website to see how efficiently they have designed their site.

• A reliable design consultant essentially understand the importance of website. A professional service provider who is claiming to provide best services is capable to use his website efficiently like a business card. Don’t trust if he is telling you that they have been too busy with clients that they have no time to work on their own site.

• Also, check their portfolio, total number happy customers and kind of industries they have served.

• Ask your expert a simple question about the essential components your newly designed website should have. If he started replying without discussing project details with you, simply avoid working with that firm. It has been observed that usually inexperienced and fake companies use these tactics to grab customers. Genuine professionals don’t answer these questions unless they completely understand client requirements.
To become a savvy consumer you should consider these aspects before hiring a design and development consultant for website development.