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Need banners for my small scale industry-looking for street team promotions

Hi Guys,

I'm having a small scale industry of eco-friendly reusable bags. It's been running smoothly for around ten years now we are widening our horizon by adding a few more outlets. We've introduced reusable cloth bags, jute bags and imported tread bags made from plantain threads. Unlike high-density polyethene bags, they are eco-friendly and can be disposed of without harming our mother nature. Frequent shopaholics can save their money by keeping our bag inside their vehicle or inside their vanity bags.

Thread bags can be folded into a small size and is expandable to hold large density. Our is not only intended for profit making but also it stands for Charity. We provide free education, food and shelter for the homeless children in Syria. Our price chart for different sort of bags is displayed on our website and you can we can assure that you will get the best product for the money you invest. My husband suggested me to opt for street team promotion Toronto. He suggested me to display our brand with a catchy caption in digital trucks, banners and posters. Our Company's good will have to be conveyed to the public in the best possible manner. Does anyone of you has opted the similar way for launching your product? It would be helpful if anyone can suggest me fresh ideas.



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