Demand for Green Technology Drives Xerox Expansion

Demand for Green Technology Drives Xerox ExpansionXerox has plans for a $25 million expansion in the Rochester area. Xerox leaders say the project will not only create more jobs, but expand its green products worldwide.The investment will be made at the Webster EA toner plant. It opened in 2007. Wim Appelo, the president of global business and services group for Xerox, says he considers it the hub of the company's toner plants worldwide.To meet demands, Xerox plans to start the expansion later this month. Appelo credits the growth to technology. He says the EA toner produced at the plant is unlike traditional toner. He says it is chemically grown, which improves print quality and reduces toner usage and waste."This is sort of a leading edge, new technology we've introduced ourselves in the marketplace six, seven years ago," Appelo said.Xerox has launched more than 50 products that use the toner,ミュウミュウバッグコピー.The continued investment in the technology shows a commitment and confidence in the Rochester community. The expansion is expected to create 10 technician jobs and 30 construction jobs."A lot of the toner that will be produced over here will find its final packaging in all the locations around the world, so we export a lot of the work we do here," Appelo said, "and I think that's an important message for New York and Upstate New York as well we're investing here because we think we can do that here."The project does not require an additional building: Construction will all be done within the current plant.Once done, xerox expects to produce 50percent more toner."We clearly see this as a way forward for us, to continue to drive new products and continue to help our customers to create better images,ウブロスーパーコピー, products," Appelo said.