The Signs of the Times Editorial Advisory Board is a group of sign professionals with varied and accomplished backgrounds in the industry. Members of the editorial board provide guidance, insight and suggestions for the editorial content and direction, as well as a valuable link to the magazine and industry’s past and present.

Mark Andreasson

Mark is the president and founder of Design Communications Ltd. (Boston), which engineers, manufactures and installs signage and architectural elements. For more than 30 years, he’s managed many notable worldwide projects.

Jill Ayers

Jill is the creative director at Design360 (New York City), a design firm specializing in environmental-graphic, exhibit, print and web design. She served as designer of identification and wayfinding at Two Twelve Assn. and senior designer of signage and retail branding at Gensler Studio 585.

Vince Cahill

With more than 32 years in the print-technology field, Vince is the president of VCE Solutions (Waynesboro, PA), a consultancy that provides technical and marketing consulting and planning services for digital printing, analog printing, digital manufacturing OEMs and user companies.

Bill Dundas

Bill is a sign-industry consultant and chairman of the board of directors for the Foundation for the Advancement of the Sign Industry (FASI).

Christina Galgan

Christina is the exterior branding manager for Walgreens (Deerfield, IL) and serves on the Board of Directors for the ISA.

Wendy Moeller

A community planning consultant who runs her own firm, Compass Point Planning (Cincinnati), Wendy currently sits on the Signage Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Mike Ries

Mike joined Advertising Vehicles (Cincinnati) shortly after its launch in 2003. He is a partner in the organization and the resident fleet-graphics expert. His primary roles encompass sales and client consulting.

Lawrin Rosen

Lawrin founded ARTfx Signs (Bloomfield, CT) in 1983. The company focuses on artistically based production of signs, awnings, architectural elements and corporate art. Their innovative work is often recognized and published throughout the world.

Jared Smith

Jared is the president of bluemedia (Tempe, AZ), a graphics provider that specializes in vehicle and environmental graphics.

Kevin Stotmeister

Kevin is president and CEO of Federal Heath Sign LLC (Euless, TX).

John Yarger

The third generation owner of North American Signs (South Bend, IN), John currently sits on the board of both the ISA and the Signage Foundation.

Teresa Young

Teresa is the president/CEO of Sign Biz Inc. (Dana Point, CA), and founded the and websites. She is a trustee of the American Sign Museum, past chairwoman of the ISA and immediate past chair of the California Sign Assn.

Joe Gibson, Ramsay Signs

Joe Gibson

Joe is the owner of Ramsay Signs (Portland, OR), which has been in operation since 1911 and creates custom signage via design, fabrication, maintenance and engineering services.

Elaine Scrima, GSP Companies

Elaine Scrima

Elaine is the vice president of operations for GSP Companies (Clearwater, FL) a retail services provider that offers graphics, marketing, design services, visual merchandising and store site data measurement, among other amenities.