Zund’s D3 Cutter

Developed to address the faster throughput of today’s UV printers

When first introduced, UV printers weren’t considered speed demons compared to the existing norms. Today, however, it’s not uncommon for a UV-cure flatbed to produce more than 100 4 x 8-ft. boards per 8-hour shift. Consequently, with such speeds, shops that run multiple flatbeds easily find that finishing the prints becomes the bottleneck. To complicate matters further, different jobs may be running on these printers at the same time.

Zund AG was designing and building digital cutting solutions long before UV-cure printing became a viable printing technology, and the company has continued to innovate and offer timely solutions. Its recently developed D3 digital cutting machines were created to address the faster throughput of today’s UV-cure printers. For example, the D3 features two tool-carrying beams that allow the machine to finish two different jobs simultaneously.

The four different D3 models share the same technical specifications and are only distinguished by their table sizes, which range from the D3 L-3200 series with a 125 x 70-in. table to the D3 3XL-3200 series with a 125 x 126-in. table. In addition, you can add extensions that provide increased loading and unloading space. You can also add roll media-handling equipment.

The beam height of the D3 is 2.3 in. and will support material weight up 6 lbs. per sq. ft. Media types relate to your choice of tools, but to make this selection easier, the D3 tool holder provides up to three tools – creasing, kiss-cutting and routing – and an integrated tool-initialization system makes all adjustments, including cut depth. The machine will cut myriad materials, from cardboard to aluminum to composites.

The second beam inclusion makes the D3 a faster and more versatile finishing machine. Each beam operates independently, which allows you to run two different jobs, or the same job on both ends of the table. We found it to be an outstanding finishing machine. It’s well-built and engineered to precision tolerances. The second beam addition nicely doubles the throughput and flexibility. If finishing is a bottleneck in your shop, we suggest you check out the Zund D3.

Zund America Inc.
5068 W. Ashland Way
Franklin, WI 53132
Contact: Beatrice Drury, director of marketing and communications
(414) 435-0700

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