YCD Creates a Movie Within a Movieplex

G Cinema City visitors are immersed in more than 300 videoscreens and more than 200-square meters of LED floor tiles that change colors in sync, thanks to YCD video-wall technology.

G Cinema City, one of the world’s largest movie and entertainment multiplexes, entertains thousands of moviegoers each week. With 26, state-of-the-art movie theaters, and more than 11,000 sq. meters of commercial space, the multiplex, in Rishon LeZion, Israel, is the latest gem in Cinema City, the largest multiplex-cinema operator in Central and Eastern Europe and Israel. The complex boasts more than 300 videoscreens that range from 42 to 65 in. throughout the concession and shopping areas. The screens show movie trailers and promote merchandise.
Further adding to this sensory explosion, more than 200 sq. meters of colorful, LED floor tiles change colors in a synchronized pattern. YCD Multimedia’s MuVi Wall™ video wall technology serves content to 122 of the screens, arranged as five, large, video slices of up to 35 screens each, and also controls the synchronization of the LED floor tiles.
Two of the video slices form the digital menuboards for the concession stand (one of the largest integrated digital menuboards in the world, the company states), while the three remaining video slices show movie trailers and other promotions. On a periodic schedule, all 122 screens, as well as the LED floor tiles, revert to a seamlessly integrated promotion for Coca Cola, turning the entire venue into one gigantic brand advertisement. YCD’s creative services team designed and produced the content for this ambitious experience.
Noam Levavi, CEO of YCD Multimedia, said, "The multi-zone, synchronized MuVi Wall technology, allows total control of the digital ambiance inside the location by simultaneously controlling the lighting system (LED floor) and servicing high-definition content to the video walls, digital menuboards and individual screens. Altogether, this blends into the whole design structure creating digital ambiance that sets the atmosphere for the entire venue."
Avi Edri, CEO of Cinema City, added, "For over two years we have been researching software and hardware technologies. After a lengthy and arduous market study, we came to the conclusion that YCD Multimedia, with their advanced technology, flexible integration capabilities and creative expertise is best positioned to provide us with the most dynamic and flexible solution for ourselves and our customers."