Ya, Good Signs, You Betcha

A gallery of Minnesota signage honors its 150th anniversary

Throughout its history, Minnesota has gained national (perhaps international) notoriety for several distinctive traits and icons, such as a fondness (or, at least, cultural veneration) for lutefisk, a dish prepared after days of soaking whitefish in lye-and-water solutions that render a gelatinous concoction; ice fishing represents a major statewide pastime; and hockey outpaces football, baseball and basketball as the participatory and spectator sport of choice.

Internationally renowned humorist and Anoka, MN native Garrison Keillor, has described Gopher State residents as habitually, almost pathologically, humble and polite. Of course, the state’s best-known, sign-industry vendors are 3M™ and Gemini Letters Inc. Minnesota’s heritage and virtue will be on parade throughout May as it celebrates its 150th anniversary of statehood. In keeping with this celebration, I modestly submit this eclectic gallery of signage from the 32nd state.