Wicked Wraps Keeps It Clean for Housekeepers' Ride

Wrap reflects clients' desire for clean, upbeat brand

Clean & Simple, a Seattle-based housecleaning company, had one of its vehicles damaged in an accident. The company’s insurance carried arranged to replace the previous wrap. Clean & Simple’s owner contacted Lynnwood, WA-based Wicked Wraps to decorate the vehicle.
“The customer was very unhappy with the previous wrap’s design, quality or installation,” Katherine Becher, who co-owns Wicked Wraps with her husband Wade, said. “The previous provider, who’s now out of business, had done the wrap with a poor-quality calendered film that left behind lots of residue.”
The Bechers spent nearly three days removing adhesive from the vehicle and washing it before they could begin installation. And, once they’d completed cleaning, the found numerous razor blades that marred the paint’s finish.
The customer provided a cartoon-character icon and logo for the design. Katherine said the customer wanted the wrap to emphasize fun – with lots of pink and a vibrant, starburst background. Wicked Wraps completed the design with Adobe’s Photoshop Creative Suite 6 and used a template from The Bad Wrap (backed up with manual measurements) to effectively apply the design.
The printed the wrap for seamless installation. Both sides were printed in single, 5-ft.-wide, 14-ft.-long panels, with the hood, roof and truck produced as separate panels. They produced it with Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply RS air-release media on the shop’s HP L26500 latex-ink printer. with HP Designjet 792 inks. Caldera’s Visual RIP software helped them proof the wrap’s in process.
“In the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest climate, a cast material that conforms and stretches around contours is essential,” Wade said.
They installed the wrap with Geek Wraps felt magnetics, microfiber-covered Yello Tools squeegees, Yello Tools Titan blades, Knifeless Tech Systems Finish Line tape and Image One Impact Wrap Glove installation gloves.
“Sometimes, we have to put our squeegees in our mouth to free up our hands during installation, so we’re glad that Yello Tools products are made with food-grade plastics,” Katherine quipped.
She continued, “One of the biggest challenges of this job was earning the customer’s trust. She was very leery after her bad experience with the previous wrap. We arranged to handle the installation over a weekend so she could stop by and watch as it took place. Her excited reaction over the wrap’s successful completion was very rewarding.”
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