WebDT Signage System Installed at Taipei City Hall Bus Station

Major transportation hub for Taiwan’s capital
WebDTTaipeiCityHallbus1 web.jpg

DT Research Inc. (San Jose, CA), an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, has installed WebDT SA2000 digital-signage appliances at the Taipei City Hall Bus Station in Taiwan, a major transportation hub for Taiwan’s capital. The WebDT SA2000 digital signage appliances are paired with screens in various sizes throughout key locations in the bus terminal. Traveler information is continuously updated from the database, and station agents can instantly send out communications and alerts. Eighteen platforms display bus-company names, arrival and departure times, and advertising. Six ticket-counter areas display ticket pricing and timing, and the waiting area shows bus-travel information and news.
For more information, visit http://signage.dtri.com.