The Coolest Windows Ever

Inwindow Outdoor’s interactive campaign for Disney’s Sorcerer's Apprentice allows passersby to cast spells and control the action using their arms or legs.
Inwindow macys 1 web.jpg

Inwindow Outdoor (NYC), the originator of interactive storefront and mall advertising, in conjunction with technology partner SoftKinetic, has debuted an interactive campaign for Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice that incorporates 3-D gesture technology in an outdoor-advertising display. The displays were unveiled at three iconic locations – in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. at the H&H Mall, and in NYC at the Trump Building (40 Wall St., next to the Stock Exchange) and on Macy’s windows.
Inwindows’ latest interactive Sorcerer’s Apprentice campaign, which follows campaigns such as for Avatar that featured face-morphing technology, allows passersby to complete a series of challenges on the storefront screen. Users can cast spells and control the action using their arms and legs.
The technology uses 3-D cameras that incorporate infrared sensors to detect depth perception and user movement. They can also upload photos and game statistics to their Facebook pages.
“For the first time, a pedestrian truly has the same powers as the lead character from the film, which is why we needed technology like 3-D gesture to bring that to life,” said Jeff Cohen, managing partner of Inwindow Outdoor.
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice campaign will run for four weeks at all three locations.