Teckwin’s TS 2513L UVLED Flatbed Printer

A well-built UV-cure, LED-lamped flatbed printer that can be upgraded to double as a roll-to-roll machine

When we think of Teckwin, we tend to think of large, roll-to-roll UV printers or specialized printers for ceramic tiles. However, the company’s newest offering, the TS 2513L, has changed our point of view. With this model, Teckwin is offering a UV-cure, LED-lamped flatbed printer that’s designed for heavy use and maximum flexibility; it also has a roll-media option.

Built for both speed and quality, the machine features dual printhead arrays and offers CMYKLcLm and two white-ink channels that provide print quality and speed. Note, also, that the heads include ink pre-heaters and circulation pumps to ensure proper ink viscosity; this also increases the printhead lifespan.

Teckwin smartly chose Fujifilm’s StarFire™ SG1024 printheads, which are designed for industrial applications and feature 400 dpi resolution and 1,024 jets per head. Note that this printhead’s nozzle plate is replaceable in case of a media strike, as opposed to the expensive process of replacing the entire printhead.

The printer’s 4-pass production mode provides 794 x 800 dpi resolution; the fine-art, 8-pass mode provides 794 x 1,600 dpi. The production mode prints at 570 sq. ft./hr.; the fine-art mode images at a respectable 290 sq. ft./hr., which translates to nine 4 x 8-ft. boards per hour at the highest print quality.

The machine is gantry controlled, meaning the media board stays motionless while the gantry-mounted printheads do the work. Further, a zoned vacuum system ensures that the media remains in place, and an automatic anti-static system helps ensure high-quality imaging. The LED curing lamps use less energy than conventional UV curing lamps and allow the machine to print on more delicate media without warping.

We found the Teckwin TS 2513L to be a well-built UV-cure, LED-lamped flatbed printer that can be upgraded to double as a roll-to-roll machine. The StarFire printheads provide outstanding durability and reliability. This device will also print on such challenging media as ceramics, offering a lot of printer for the money.

Teckwin USA
1867 Whitney Mesa Drive
Henderson, NV 89014
(877) 862-8040
Contact: Michael Leneski, VP sales and operations
(561) 312-1031

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